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July 29, 2015


courtesy - pretty bubbles
Transparent, Wispy
Floating sparkles flying high
Life akin Bubbles
Colorless yet reflecting
Fragile yet enthralled with heights

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July 28, 2015

Calm not Vulnerable

courtesy - hdw.eweb4

Hidden fury
Beneath the calmness
Waits for a challenge
Ready to take revenge
Silence is not weakness
It is endurance at peak
Although they never speak
They are hurt deep
Do not insist –
That they speak
For the turmoil once, open
Shall take one chance
Then it will be –
A clean sweep
Those who inflict pain
Will have no reason to blame
For what they sowed
They shall reap!

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July 24, 2015

In search of Warm Snow

PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

The metallic sheen outside the window tempts me; the polished crystals hanging on the window beckon me to feel them.

I wish to abide their call but then I am a child whose universe is confined to this room. This is the optimal environment for me; conditioned to a particular temperature. I long to play with the snowman; dig into the snow to make snowballs and throw them at friends.

I know I this is tough but cannot the sun for one day give its warmth to the white mushy snow while I play like the others. If only ...