April 1, 2015


Autumn had always been special to Mimi. Why was that, none of us had known until one day she called us beside her bed. Her bed, that was next to the window.

She sat there looking outside as if imbibing the nature. Realizing our presence, she started mumbling as she revealed, “It was in autumn when your grandpa and I first met and we promised never to part. However, last year just after the fall, he broke his promise or so I thought as we had vowed to celebrate each autumn together. I was wrong. This autumn we shall reunite as he waits to keep his promise. We shall celebrate all autumns together….”

Without finishing the sentence, she left us forever on the first day of autumn with a smile on her face.

March 31, 2015

Who Blocked My Stint As a Writer?

As I boarded the bus, unknowingly I became a passive participant in the conversation between two young fellows.  I began weaving a story to its conclusion until Paulo Coelho took over midway.

 “Let’s talk to her. She looks fine. “

“Fine, you ask her.”

“No, you do it for I find it tough talking to girls.”

“What’s the big deal? She will either say yes or no.”

Temperature soared high, whether it was due to climate or climax nobody knows, but all four of us were profusely sweating.

 “Excuse me,(pause) Brida”, he said pointing towards the book. “Can you please tell me where you bought this book, as it is out of stock in major bookstore?”

Shattered words!
Incomplete love Story!
I am still an author in waiting!

March 30, 2015

When She Found Herself

COURTESY - goodfon.su
While walking through the forest she revisited the path her life had treaded. Life had been straight out of a happy movie until she lost him.

Death did not do them apart for she had lost him to another woman half their age leaving her with self-complexes and doubts.

As she walked aimlessly, she saw bright light shimmering through the canopy as if a divine signal welcoming her through the entrance of a new life.

She felt a sudden change and entrusted upon herself the new ‘she’ promising to pick up the pieces of life and coming out flourishing.

Lillie McFerrin Writes
word prompt: ENTRANCE
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