Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When television meant doordarshan...

I do not know how many of my online friends have read 'loat poat'. If any  of you enjoyed that comic, here is a chance to see ghaseeta ram,  dr. Jhatka, motu , patlu.
Nick has a show inspired by this comic. In a sea of cartoon channels showing  chinese and Japanese characters this show is desi. Core desi. Full time pass...
My kid just loves it.

Talking about entertainment. When i was a kid Sundays used to be special for ramayana and mahabharata. Saturday  meant watching He man at 4 in the evening.  '... I have the power'. there were not too many shows on television but enjoyment was high.

Then there were shows like karamchand, the desi Sherlock Holmes.  The way he chewed his carrot..... it became a trend. Kitty became a household name.
I was  very small but still have an impression of these shows.

Then nineties saw a new wave of tele serials, Dekh bhai dekh, sea hawks. Women booked their weekday afternoons for shanti and another show came after that. The show was written by Shobha de.  Many actors from the show found home in main stream cinema.

Choices were few still the enjoyment was high. Then came the cable channels and spoilt tge viewers for ever. How many shows do we remember dince the advent of cable channels?

As life has become complex so has the means of entertainment.

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