July 3, 2015

Which Fall is Worst?

As she sat telling her story, we could see her drowned in her past.

“Although we laughed about it later but, that moment was scary for the two of us, “said Anita. 

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July 1, 2015

Phoenix Amongst the Nescient Mortals #WordyWednedsay

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courtesy - geum-song
Hanging around to see her fall
Waiting for her to beg and crawl
Happiness peeps through seemingly worried faces
As they wish to erase her traces.

Noticing the smile on her face
They think she has lost the case
Blind to her potential
Unwary of her determination
They prepare for her cremation.

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Lo and behold
She shall rise from the ashes
Healed of scars and scratches
Her soul stays torn in this innings
Guiding her through new beginnings.

Feeble of body
Strong from the heart
She knows the true victory
She shall win
Even if you take a head start.

Courtesy - imgarcade

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